Counter-Strike Mod

Set of beloved modifications to the popular war game


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  • Category Combat
  • License Full version
  • Version 1.6
  • Size 1.61 MB
  • Works under Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Language English
  • Program by Valve

This Counter-Strike mod is excellent for those who enjoy fast-paced action and classic game play.

Those who are familiar with first-person shooter platforms such as Half-Life will certainly appreciate what this Counter-Strike modification has to offer. Some may still be unaware that this very same "mod" was originally designed as an alternative to the aforementioned Half-Life. While slightly outdated when compared to more modern variants, the fact of the matter is that Counter-Strike is iconic in terms of action, game play and speed. This platform is now available for Windows operating systems; ideal for the PC-based gamer.

A Classic Appeal

The first feature that should be mentioned is that Counter-Strike was developed as far back as 1999. In fact, the last update occurred in 2003. Players who may be looking for a realistic and smooth interface could therefore be slightly disappointed. However, these very same features will attract those who desire a return to simpler times (think of the GoldenEye first-person shooter within the James Bond series of games). As opposed to becoming distracted by the graphics, the player can instead focus on strategy and timing.

Multi-Player Modes

Another appealing aspect of Counter-Strike is that it was one of the first platforms to offer the ability for multiple players to join a single battle. This has since set the precedent for countless other games to boast the same option. So, the action of Counter-Strike can be enhanced when others form separate teams. As there is a massive online community for the game, finding a few skilled team mates will normally not be a problem.

Game Play

One player (or team) will take on the role of the terrorist while the other side is considered to be a counter-terrorism task force. The objective is for one group to overpower and eliminate the opponent. Both sides have different strengths, abilities and weaknesses. The fact that every level (or "map") is associated with different goals will provide hours of entertainment while unique strategies must be developed for each section (such as hostage rescue scenarios). As with Half-Life, players have access to numerous weapons such as pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, hand grenades and demolition charges. It should also be noted that specific teams will only be allowed certain weapons (such as an AK-47 for the terrorist side).

Motion and Graphics

As mentioned previously, one of the only criticisms of Counter-Strike is that its graphics are seen as being rather dated. Considering that this platform was first created over 15 years ago, this should come as no great surprise. This is also a benefit, for most operating systems will be able to handle streamlined movements without suffering from the freezes that could often occur with more graphically enhanced games. It is still a fact that panning, running, pivoting and zooming are seen as being superior to many other platforms which were created around the same time. These features also enable Counter-Strike to be quickly learned by those who have never played it before. Such an observation cannot often be made with modern games that require numerous skill sets and a rather steep learning curve.

The Verdict

Above all, many consider Counter-Strike to be the best first-person shooter that has ever been created. Let us list a handful of the most prominent advantages and drawbacks of this game


  • Classic game play
  • Action-packed excitement
  • Numerous levels and missions
  • Multi-player abilities


  • Noticeably outdated graphics
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